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Athabasca Falls, AB
Enough about the editor, what about the person?
One of the first things people learn about me is that I just moved to Vancouver from Toronto. And maybe you want to know why.
There are 2 main reasons I moved back:
1- My parents moved back to Canada after living overseas. After 18 years of flying to see each other, it's now a real treat for me to be able to go out for dinner, go sailing or see a movie with my folks... any time we like.
2- Other than wanting to be with my family, I love the great outdoors. I grew up skiing, biking, fishing. Later, I got into hiking, camping, canoeing, snorkeling and scuba diving. I saw much of southern Ontario's provincial parks, and I drove down thru the Blueridge mountains in Virginia. But nothing compares to the practically year-round outdoor activities of the Pacific Northwest. There is a great variety of landscape, and within an hour of the city, you can do almost anything you want -- ski, camp, climb, boat... Who wouldn’t want to live here?
So when I'm not working, I'm probably scrambling up a mountain, buzzing around Vancouver on my bike, bird-watching on a Nature Trail or spending time in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast.