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Ducks in Atikokan, ON
Welcome to the website of Shannon Hartley, Video Editor.
Born and bred in BC, I moved to Ontario to study Cultural Studies at Canada's "progressive" Trent University. Something about Ontario clicked and I made it my home for many years.
After a short stint at Sheridan College, I quickly became a Staff Editor at a Post House in Toronto.
Most of my work involved Lifestyle Television and Documentary, where I met savvy, creative and downright fun people.
But eventually... the mountains, the ocean, my family and the city of Vancouver beckoned. I had to come back.
I'm freelance now, but I continue the same kind of work: broadcast and corporate editing.

Quote of the Day
"Tennis is an addiction that once it has
truly hooked a man will not let him go."
Russell Lynes

*Please note this website was created in January 2007. It reflects my work to date at that time. A new website is on its way, but in the meantime, a more recent sampling of my work can be found here: